Fusion On The Fly's Food Improvisation
 (Chef at Home)
917 727 6171

Dude Food is now a class. Call to book for groups of 4. No skill level required, choice of menus. Yes, we do serve beer.

Photos from the Food Network and

USA 9 appearances have been added on the about page at the bottom. 

We have the most interesting students and a pantry to match.

We teach food improvisation. Take a typical ingredient (or a difficult one) and learn a new way of thinking about it.  You learn the building blocks of developing a recipe.

Try us and you'll be convinced! Our classes are based on years of experience worldwide.

Try, just try, to stump us with an ingredient. 

Once the knives are put away, a wine is selected to accompany your meal.

 Your chef is dedicated , attentive and knowledgeable. Did we mention friendly? When you learn with us, you're always in good hands.

Learn to think of food in a new way. Let go of what you think an ingredient should be and learn what it can be.

When booking a class for four only, you absolutely can choose, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or any other restrictions you may have!

Email questions to Wilderkj@gmail.com

We do sell gift Certificates. Call 917 727 6171, you can charge by phone and have the certificate to print out at home for birthdays , anniversaries, Mothers Day etc.

Classes offered daily: Dates below are sold out.

Dates sell out too quickly to update on the site, call for available classes.

He who hesitates
won't get a reservation

Classes tend to fill up quickly, so call 917 727 6171 to book as soon as you have purchased your class  or book directly over the phone with a credit card.

The proof's in
the classes, not on Yelp. We prefer our guests talk to us.

Feast your eyes on some of our dishes and comments. There may be Yelp reviews but we do not encourage them due to Yelp's Mafia like practices used to 'sell advertising' which amount to a protection racket.

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